At ArcFloor we can answer all your questions and doubts about Flooring. We understand that with increasing variety of products and applications, selection of right flooring has become more complex. While the 3 basic criteria remain unchanged… “usage context”, “desired aesthetics” and “budget”, the considerations within them has multiplied. The traditional concept of “context of use” has significantly impacted by Open Living designs with living rooms merging with kitchens and bedrooms flowing into cupboards, Jacuzzis, bathrooms and toilets. With ever increasing science and technology, wood has today been re-engineered to the extent that it is resistant to water, the out-door effects and scratches. Plastics have today been engineering into flooring that looks and feel like wood with a limitless variety of grains and colours.

Few questions can be answered well online, without us understanding your real “context of use” , design concept and without us showing you our product samples and its applications. Call Us at 6746 6618 to make an appointment so that we may help answer your questions and “Redefine Your Flooring”

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Q:Can ARCFLOOR do small jobs, I just want to re-floor one of my rooms?

Yes. ARCFLOOR welcomes all project big or small.

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Q:What is the best flooring I can replace my floor with, if I do not want to hack my floors or make my place very dusty?

We have many variety of flooring that may be laid over existing flooring, we can certainly recommend the right type once we view the condition of your floors.

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Q:Hear Chengal Wood is good for outdoors…can ARCFLOOR recommend other alternatives?

Chengal is good and we can supply. There are also many engineered varieties of wood composite that are made to withstand outdoor use and may be equally aesthetic.

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Q:My parents are getting old, one of them slipped and fell the other day. Does ARCFLOOR have suggestions for non-slip flooring?

Wood–textured flooring is comfortable and not slippery. We have a great variety of these like our  latest resilient and  CSF design flooring.  However flooring itself may not completely answer your requirements for home safety. We do also have other products like hand rails and etc.

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Q:I am renting an office for just 2 years and often need to move heavy equipment around the office, what is the best flooring ARCFLOOR can recommend?

A laminate flooring would easily last you 2 years without being expensive. Its also have durable protective layers against scratches, easy to maintain and comes in a wide variety of designs to enhance your office decor.

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Q:I hear that some flooring can emit gases that is not so good for health, are ARCFLOOR Flooring Products tested for gas emission.

Most of our flooring product have undergone manufacturer’s or our own VOC health safety testing.