Our beginnings were humble, small & thrifty. Back in 1960s, as the local economy was still being nurtured meticulously, it is known to every population that every contribution to the economy counts. Having this aspiration in mind, Cheap & Beauty Teak Parquet was set up in 1970 to provide a financially sounded solution to combine cost efficient wood flooring, hardy timber quality and a wholesome professional service.

As of 2014, we have renamed ourselves as Arc Floor Pte Ltd. Led by a new management, the new name aspires a persistency to embrace new technologies to increase efficiency, productivity and importantly, safety in all our projects! It also represents our commitment to ensure all aspects of our professional work to be in line with the architectural soul of the structure. Being one of the industry pioneer and having a strong cross connection with interpersonal relation in our core business, we deem it an essentiality for us to constantly make client satisfactory our priority!