Wall Cladding

Wake up to cladding – Using wood to clad one wall is a lovely way to add warmth and interest without spoiling the crisp look of a white space. This wall forms a stunning headboard, bringing pleasing colour and texture to the pared-back scheme.

Timber Trellis

The trellis effect – This really is a contemporary outdoor room – a modern veranda not lacking character or function and providing space to sit and relax and enjoy the sun.

Timber Screen

We all love houses with plenty of light and the timber screen here give the privacy you would otherwise lack.

Pavilions & Bench

Best for outdoors, best for fun. You can expect more out of these. Breeze away the sunny days relaxing on it without any worries.

Handrails & Staircases

The keystone of the house must be accompanied by a material of many accents. We love working on these specifically for its allowance to run our creativity wild.


Try some timber – We are used to wood floors and panelled walls, but timber ceilings? Well, they can look pretty incredible, too. Wood panelling adds a cosy, cocoon-like feel to a living space or bedroom.

Fencing & Gates

Unrivalled as it is. The perfect concoction of security, privacy and beauty.